Dear Phile,

I created this blog in June of 2019 because I wanted to have a platform where I could write about The X Files without Twitter’s limit of 280 characters per post, and so I wouldn’t be spamming people with my opinionated content. As things go, I didn’t revisit this site until February 2020.

I have a lot to say about The X Files. In fact, I could talk about it for days on end. This is going to be the main purpose of my blog, starting off with a project where I review each and every episode, from season 1 up to season 11, including The X Files Movie (1998) and I Want To Believe (2008).

Therefore, who I am isn’t exactly relevant to this, since this isn’t a blog about me. However, I realize that it might be interesting to learn about my background, if only to understand my stance on certain topics.

I was born in Belgium on September 12, 1994 (my birth episode is “Little Green Men”). Therefore, I’m watching this show through the eyes of a European Millennial who borderlines Gen Z. In fact, Old School fans refer to me as a Baby Phile. It’s a cute term, in my opinion, and somewhat accurate since I first started watching The X Files around 2006. However, I didn’t really get into it until I was older. I was introduced to it by my younger brother, who loved seeing the show on the SYFY Channel. He then suggested it to my cousin Jesse, and I decided to tag along on my cousin’s first watch. I loved it almost instantly.

A little bit more about me would be that I studied History at the University of Ghent. I obtained my Master’s degree in 2019, have an academic minor in Sociology, and studied English Literature for a year before realizing that I don’t like to be forced to read old and dull literary works. My passion lies in television. A part of me regrets that 19-year-old me chose History over Film And Media. During my final year at University, I searched for courses about TV and began reading up on this subject. For my thesis, I examined how history can be represented in modern storytelling. It gave me some insight into the building blocks of what makes a story good, and what doesn’t.

I want to stress that although I do believe that I know quite a bit about television and fiction, none of this makes my opinion worth any more than yours. Opinions wouldn’t be opinions if they weren’t personal. They don’t always stem from a rational place. They don’t have to, either. Sometimes, you just like something, and sometimes you don’t, without an actual reason. So this blog merely serves as a dump for my personal thoughts and feelings on a show, and of course I’m just as biased as the next person.

I’m a postmodernist. I don’t believe in one Truth, but in several.

My hope is that throughout the course of this project, I will be able to eloquently provide readers with some new insight, either by affirming their view, or by showing them another. This is comparable to the objective of “Monsters of the Week: The Complete Critical Companion to The X Files” (2018). I don’t always agree with authors Zack Handlen and Todd VanDerWerff, but this book gave me several new angles to look from as well.

I know some fans don’t like this particular book because Handlen and VanDerWerff tend to diss a couple of generally beloved episodes. I must admit that some of their conclusions made me cringe too. However, although I will attempt to nuance if necessary, I don’t intend to hold back my thoughts. Holding back is what I do on Twitter, for the sake of keeping peace. Here, I aim to express all of my ideas about an episode, no matter how good, bad, or ugly they might be.

Those who will stick around will, no doubt, disagree with me on certain things. It’s only human and, frankly, I would be weirded out if we were to agree on everything. Feel free to enter a discussion, but please do so respectfully. After all, it’s just a TV show.

Your pal,


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  1. As an avid The X-Files fan, I have to say thank you and compliments for this epic project! Will defibitely follow this blog!


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